Sourdough is an organic culture of wild yeast and micro bacteria made by fermenting a mixture of flour and water. In the artisanal and ancient method of making breads sourdough is used as a leavening agent instead of the commercialized baker’s yeast that is used now in regular breads.


Sourdough breads take at least 24 HOURS to make. It takes great expertise to make sourdough bread as it requires precise formulation of ingredients, controlled temperatures and it is very time sensitive. We use the highest quality of unbleached and untreated bread flour, whole wheat, raw sugar and extra virgin olive oil for our sourdough breads.

Gut Healthy

During the long fermentation and proofing time the wild yeast and micro bacteria in sourdough break down the proteins into a more digestible forms and develops a wide range of vitamins and nutrients that are very healthy to our guts. That is why even people experiencing Gluten-Intolerance can enjoy sourdough breads.

Vegan, Sugar & Dairy Free

The sourdough batard is made with just flour water and salt, it is vegan friendly, dairy free and sugar free.

The baguette and focaccia are made with flour, water, salt, extra virgin olive oil and a bit of sugar, they are vegan friendly too and dairy free.

The shokupan, shokubuns and pandesal are enriched with milk or butter and contains sugar.

Keep it fresh!

Our sourdough breads are baked fresh daily, they are best stored in a cotton bread bag, paper bag or in an airtight container if will be consumed in the next 2-3days. Sourdough breads could last up to 30 days if cling wrapped or zip locked and stored in the freezer.

Serve it warm and toasty!

Sourdough breads are best enjoyed when reheated and lightly toasted into a preheated oven or toaster at 200-220 degree Celsius.

Oven Toaster: 3-4 minutes

Oven: 8-12minutes